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Flowar Construction, LLC

Patricia Flores Warnock accepted her life lessons growing up and used them to define her future. Growing up in Coahuila, Mexico, she supported her father’s decisions and actions without question. She was encouraged to stay home, get married and take care of her family or find employment that was “para mujeres.” (suitable for women).  At 15, her father reluctantly let her work at his iron welding shop, where Patricia learned how to melt metal and create rustic pieces. Although she respected and loved her father deeply, she aspired to go out on her own and become an architect. She wanted to design and develop structures; and eventually

open her own business.


In 2013, Patricia moved to the United States and began working at Starbucks as a barista. Fast forward 8-years… Patricia has “taken care” of a husband, 5 kids and entered the world of entrepreneurship as the co-owner of the Tropical Smoothie Café and Marco’s Pizza franchise in El Paso.  This experience ignited Patricia’s ambition to enter the traditionally male-dominated industry of construction. Patricia worked with her El Paso Community College (EPCC) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) SBDC Business Advisor to learn about licensing compliance and requirements, research industry data, pursue minority certification and effectively market the business.


Together they securely positioned FloWar Construction to compete in the marketplace. After its first year of business, FloWar has projected sales of over $4 million annually. Patricia continues to work with the SBDC on marketing plans and expanding into government contracting.

“Working with the SBDC has been amazing. They answer every question I have and provide me with all the necessary information I need to grow my business.”

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